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Auto Workshop Services

Vehicle Workshop

Our service centre is fully equipped with workshop facilities and your vehicle cared for by fully trained and qualified technicians who only utilise parts sourced from reputable and accredited suppliers.

We can offer you the highest spec servicing and repairs, at around 50% less than you'd expect to pay at a dealership. Our workshops are based in a convenient location off motorways, where our specialist technicians are trained and certified by the top manufacturers to carry out work on a variety of car brands - including Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, BMW, Land rover, Range Rover, Ford, Vauxhall, Honda, Citroen, Renault and many more.

Because we only use top quality service and replacement parts, we'll maintain your car to the manufacturer's service schedule, protecting your manufacturer's warranty.

Our Workshops can offer:


We provide MOT testing from £45. Most garages charge over that for MOT test's & may offer you free items such as wiper blades & light bulbs, but why pay an extra £15 - £20 per MOT when you probably don't need wiper blades or light bulbs - why not just pay for what you need? Currently 1 in 6 cars require a light bulb, 1 in 12 require a wiper blade or small adjustment. It's cheaper to pay only for what you need. We also offer free MOT with a Full Service (terms and conditions apply).

Front Tracking / Wheel Alignment

Incorrectly adjusted front wheel alignment causes increased tyre wear, poor handling, reduces braking efficency & cornering stability but very rarely causes the car or steering to pull to one side. We have computerised laser tracking & four wheel geometry equipment and therefore we can offer the following:

Tracking 1

Computerised front wheel laser tracking, with printed before & after graphical report.

Rear Tracking / Wheel Alignment

Incorrectly adjusted rear wheel alignment will cause the same problems as front tracking & will also cause the car to steer or pull to the left or right. Rear wheel tracking can not be adjusted independently & must be incorporated with a front wheel tracking. For this service we offer:

Tracking 2

Computerised front & rear 4 wheel laser tracking with printed before & after graphical report.



This service is also known as a full or major service & is generally carried out once a year or in rotation with an Interim service.

Will this service affect my warranty? NO

Government legislation passed in 2003 known as "block exemption" means that an independent garage can now carry out your servicing/repairs & the warranty is still protected.

Low Mileage

Our services are so detailed that in some circumstances i.e. "low mileage users" it is possible to have 2 interim services in a row instead of a major - stretching the major service interval, reducing costs to you.

Oil and Filter

Regular oil changes are one of the simplest, yet most important ways to keep your vehicle running smoother, longer. As the lifeblood of an engine, oil lubricates vital components, reducing friction to help engines run cooler and suspends dirt particles to keep your engine clean. We'll let you know when to change oil for the type of driving you do and what type of oil is right for your car.


To avoid costly repairs or disastrous brake failure, it's wise to have your brakes checked once a year by a qualified technician. We'll thoroughly inspect your entire brake system, explain any service we might recommend and provide you with a written estimate before we start. It will never cost you more than our estimate and we guarantee every part and service.


Tyres provide the traction for stopping; cornering and they help absorb road bumps to give you a smooth, safe and comfortable ride. We carry a full line of Michelin, BFGoodrich and many more tires for all seasons and driving conditions. We also offer Road Hazard & Free Tire Repair Protection Program.

All of our tyre quotes are fully inclusive of:

  • Valve
  • Balance
  • Environmental Disposal
  • Fitting
  • 20% VAT
  • Exhaust

A damaged or faulty exhaust system can reduce the operating efficiency of your engine and result in increased fuel consumption. We supply and fit part or full exhaust systems and can also repair broken system parts saving you time and money.


You're driving along and suddenly your check engine light goes on. What does it mean? Your vehicle's engine light is part of an intricate monitoring system and it could come on for a variety of reasons. We have the latest diagnostic equipment that lets us pinpoint the problem and get you on your way again.

Heating and Cooling

Driving produces an enormous amount of heat - enough to cause serious damage to your engine. That's why a properly maintained cooling system is so essential to prevent your engine from overheating or, even worse, seizing up. We inspect your cooling system to spot potential problems before they start.

Steering & Suspension

Suspension wears out gradually and you may not notice any problems until the system fails. So, it's important to have your suspension system checked periodically to ensure your driving comfort and safety. From shock absorbers to strut replacement you can count on our technicians to provide the best solution to suit your driving needs and budget.


Transmission problems can be caused by low fluid levels, poor fluid consistency, or by debris in the system and a transmission is one of the most costly components to repair or replace. We can show how to you detect transmission problems early on so we can correct any minor problem before it causes costly damage.

Batteries and Electrical

Did you know that summer heat greatly reduces battery life? You may not notice until winter when your battery is called upon to deliver more power to start the engine. Come into us for a 7-point battery inspection before your battery leaves you out in the cold.

Remember, our 24hr emergency number is manned 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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