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Vehicle Mechanical Repair Services

Vehicle Mechanicla Repair

Timing / Cambelt Replacement

The engines in most modern cars are equipped with a rubber toothed belt, the purpose of this is to run the camshaft which in turn opens & closes the exhaust & inlet valves in perfect timing with the piston position. This belt has varying replacement intervals which are manufacturer dependent (generally 60,000 miles or 5 years).

Head Gasket Repairs

The cylinder head gasket is located between the engine block & the cylinder head. Its purpose is to contain the expanding gases in the combustion chamber & to keep separate these gases from the cooling system. It also seals & keeps separate the oil & water ways between the engine block & cylinder head.

We repair and replace head gasket to all makes and models of cars, vans, trucks and busses.

Clutch Replacements

If you have one or more of the following symptoms then a clutch replacement may be required:

Difficulty selecting gears.Crunching into gear (usually reverse).Clutch pedal very stiff to operate.Clutch pedal/biting point very high.Clutch pedal very low (close to floor).Juddering/Shaking when pulling away.Unexplained increase in engine speed when driving/accelerating.We provide a free diagnostic of your clutch, with a report for any remedial works required. We can provide and fit clutches same day.

Gearbox Repairs

A gearbox is used to transmit the engine power to drive the wheels at different ratios at varying engine & road speeds whether the car is automatic or manual. As engineers we don't just replace. We can remove and diagnose the issues, repairs and recommendations for gearboxes both manual and automatic.

Welding Repairs

This is where metal parts of the car generally rust away. They can usually be repaired by welding. We have specialist welding tools and engineers who can repair, replace and fabricate parts for your car.

Computer Diagnostics

Modern cars rely on complex computer diagnostics testing. This is an electronic diagnosis used to assist in isolating a fault with your car on computer controlled systems. It is a non-invasive diagnostic procedure.

Using the most up to date computers and software we will plug in using your cars on board diagnostics & interrogate the vehicles electronic control unit. Any fault codes will then be printed out with our computer diagnostics tool.

Wiring and electrical works.

Electrical/Wiring repairs are ones which generally cannot be diagnosed using computer diagnostics equipment & can be very labour intensive due to the integral designs of wiring looms (concealed/behind panels, under carpets, trims, through doors etc.)

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